Auto Repair Shops With In-House Machine Shops

By | February 20, 2017

In-house machine shops are rarely found in most auto repair shops. The special equipment in an automotive shop with an in-house machine shop allows for specialized cuts, sanding, drilling, grinding, knurling (cut in patterns to allow for a better grip) and welding parts to customize or repair them. In-house machine shops are also used for the manufacture of parts in metal or plastic.
Rebuilding Major Parts
For vehicles, machine shops are used to modify vehicle parts for repair, build custom add-ons or to improve performance by fine turning a part. They are used on parts for brakes, clutches, transmissions, drive lines, and engines. points out another option machine shops can handle – modifying your vehicle to install a lower-mileage engine.
The same reasoning applies to rebuilt transmissions. Transmission rebuilds are a major service in most shops with in-house machinery.
Replacing and Upgrading Parts and Systems
Machine shops can also replace many parts on a vehicle with a stronger one to improve performance such as replacing manufacturer torque converters with more powerful ones that improve transmission resilience and help improve fuel economy.
With manual shifting comes clutch repair, particularly for drivers learning to use a clutch.
Adjustable top strut mounts and chassis braces that replace rubber mounts and improve alignment.
Stiffer motor mounts to improve engine response and precision handling
Less restrictive cold air intake to boost engine efficiency at higher speeds
Finding an automotive repair shop with an in-house machine shop shows that the shop is dedicated to providing the best auto service possible.